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Employee Spotlight - Nicole Koehler

Our Forbes & Company Employee Spotlight is on our receptionist, Nicole Koehler. Nicole enjoys our fun company culture, and she loves working with our staff and clients. Nicole’s fight for survival (which we greatly admire) and her endearment for cats are just two of the facets we learned about her through her responses to our questions. We invite you to read on and get to know Nicole a little better. 

How long have you worked at Forbes & Company? I
I’ve been on the Forbes & Company team for a year and a half. 

What is one thing you cannot resist?
I cannot resist cats! (See below.)

What is the most unusual item in your desk drawer? 
Old candy. LOL! I really need to clean out that drawer.

Where is the best place you've traveled to, and why do you consider it the best? 
Hands down, it’s Banff/Jasper in Alberta, Canada. It’s the most serene, beautiful place I’ve been…and I would love to go back.

What would people be surprised to know about you?
I am a cancer survivor. 

That is awesome, Nicole! What mantra did you live by during your battle with cancer?
I told myself every day that science and faith would save me, and cancer would not win.

What is your favorite show to binge?

How did you pass time during the stay-at-home mandate?
I was the one person to remain in the office throughout the mandate so most of my daytime was normal. During evenings and weekends, we played a lot of pinball and Rock Band.   

Do you have a pet? 
Yes, I have 4 cats: Pickles, Freckles, Buttons and Izzy.