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Employee Spotlight - Colby Grant

This edition of the Forbes & Company Employee Spotlight features our client manager, Colby Grant. 

For Colby, the best part of working at Forbes & Company is his co-workers. He loves how the tight-knit team works as a cohesive unit to deliver great service to clients. From his broad spectrum of hobbies and interests to his fascinating travel experience, we hope you’ll enjoy getting to know Colby better.

If you could do another job just for one day, what would it be
I would be an astronaut. I’ve always wanted to float weightless in space.

Where is your favorite place to be? 
Any beach, anywhere.

What are three traits that define you? 
Integrity, intelligence and prudence

Do you have a hobby? If so, what do you enjoy? 
Yes, I practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and play guitar!

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, huh? So, can we safely assume you’re an MMA fan?
Yes, I love watching MMA!

Which music genre is your favorite to listen to, and which genre do you like to play the most?
I listen to a little bit of everything—hard rock, country, jam bands, pop, Latin and EDM (electronic dance music). I play mostly rock and country.

What is the best place you’ve traveled to and why? 
Palau—Jellyfish Lake is an experience you can never forget.

What’s one thing you can’t resist? 

What’s your personal motto or mantra? 
Perfection is the enemy of outstanding.

What challenges you personally? 
Changing into the person I want to become each and every day.

What would people be surprised to know about you? 
I’m a certified skydiver.