About Us

In January 1997, Steve Forbes founded a certified public accounting firm with the vision of creating a firm tailored to the unique needs of individuals and small businesses. Twenty years later, Forbes & Company accomplishes that initial vision everyday by providing clients with the best possible solutions to their specific challenges and needs.

Located in the Perimeter Center area of Atlanta, Forbes & Company provides a full range of tax, accounting, and business consulting services to over 500 individuals and small businesses. Our firm takes great pride in the balance and variety of our client portfolio and leverages the diverse experiences to provide comprehensive solutions to those we serve.

We also take great pride in our people. Our firm understands that the members of Forbes & Company play a critical role in providing outstanding service to our valued clients. The firm is committed to maintaining the technical competence of its people through a rigorous schedule of continuing education each year.

Over the past decade, Forbes & Company has also taken on a challenge upon itself: To continually reinvent its best practices by leveraging the absolute latest that technology has to offer. The firm's continual process improvement and adaption to the latest technologies has created a culture at Forbes & Company that embraces change for the better. The ultimate goal is to provide the best service possible and to engineer greater efficiencies that can ultimately be passed onto our clients.

The people of Forbes & Company are proud of our past achievements, devoted to our current developments, and excited about the future years ahead.